The Empire of Children

The Empire of Children – a dystopian novel about a world divided as a result of a vision of a loving mother. A novel written in a beautiful, poetic language by the Polish playwright, Marta Sokolowska.

In the Empire of Children wellbeing and happiness of the youth are the highest and most protected values, for good or worse. Within a class-divided society B-Maria – one of the very few determined to undertake an unequal fight the regime – struggles to obtain the desired child.

Should she change the world where children are well-fed, happy and protected, in sake of her own beliefs? Does concern for the weak and excluded justify violence and fanaticism? How far is the reach of everlasting regime?

In her dystopian novel Marta Sokolowska is asking questions particularly relevant for our times. The novel has received the UNESCO Cracow City of Literature Award and won „Debuts in Prose” prize organized by the Biuro Literackie Publishing House.

The Empire of Children. Dystopian novel by Marta Sokolowska
The Empire of Children by Marta Sokolowska
Publisher Biuro Literackie

Marta Sokolowska – author of theatrical, prose and radio plays. Winner of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature Award, laureate of the Prose Debuts project organized by the publishing house Biuro Literackie and the Drama! organized by Dwutygodnik and IMKA Theater.

Two-time finalist of the competition devoted to Polish contemporary dramaturgy, the Metaphor of Reality, three-time scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, semi-finalist of the Gdynia Drama Award, author of the script and director of a documentary film.

The author of texts translated into the following languages: English, Russian, German, Belarusian and Georgian.